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Do you play competitive tennis in tournaments or on a school team? Maybe your goal is to play college tennis? This intense program will give you the edge...

Our tennis coaching program is available from the absolute beginner to the very competitive level player. We offer individual lessons and group clinics...

Performance tennis training is a fitness program that uses tennis specific movements to maximize agility,endurance, speed & strength on the court...


As nutrition is a key element to any great tennis player, Coach Cuneyt has partnered to create a protein bar that is perfect for sustaining your energy on and off the court. Sana Protein bars are...


Coach Cuneyt has a great approach to tennis instruction. He finds the strengths the player has and optimizes them while identifying the aspects that need refinement quickly...

About Your Pro

Coach Cuneyt started playing tennis at the age of 10 and quickly became a competitive player on the juniors circuit. He is PTR certified and taught within the USA, Mexico & the Carribean...





Coach Cuneyt offers private, semi-private and group lessons for all stages of the tennis learning game. He offers a variety of programs at the youth level, including the Athletic Junior Program and also for the adult recreational or competitive player. Coach Cuneyt also specializes in Performance Tennis Training and offers this instruction to all intermediate and above level players. The major components of this training focus on dynamic movements, agility, tennis required flexibility & core balance as well as tennis specific endurance. Capitalizing on these skills will bring a players game to the next level quickly.

Youth Tennis Programs;
Red Ball Program is perfect for the youngest player (Ages 8 and under) the focus in this stage is developing hand-eye coordination, fundamental ball skills, including footwork, movement receiving and sending and basic strokes are taught in a fun, low-pressure environment.
Orange Ball (Ages 10 and under) is a program that covers all the fundamentals of tennis (stroke mechanics, court movement, etc.) but also focuses on match play tactics and encourages players to tournament play and participate in USTA Junior Team Tennis.
Green Ball (Ages 10-12) is designed for players who are playing competitive matches and who are preparing to move to the Juniors Program. It focuses on encoraging players to develop their match play and technical skills while focusing heavily on technical foundations of the game.
Athletic Junior Tennis Program (Ages 13-17) The Athletic Junior Tennis Program is targeted to bring competitive juniors to the next level of their game. The game of tennis involves a variety of physical skills, mental quickness and stamina and Performance Tennis Training focuses on tennis specific movements to maximize agility, endurance, speed & strength on the court. This program is designed for players who are committed to improving as competitive tennis players.

Adult Tennis Programs:
Adult tennis programs are designed around the player’s level, whether you are learning how to play tennis for the first time or want to work on increasing speed on your massive serve. Beginner drills are designed to teach basic strokes in a fun and structured environment familiarize the player with tennis terminology and movement. Intermediate levels continue to focus on basic strokes, while introducing more advanced strokes, serve and game play tactics. Advanced level players refine all strokes, utilize specialty shots, increase explosive tennis movement and enhance decision making skills needed during match play. Performance Tennis Training is also available for adult students at the advanced level.


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Athletic Junior Program

Athletic Junior Tennis Program


­­­­The Athletic Junior Tennis Program is targeted to bring competitive juniors to the next level of their game. It is successful because it uses age specific Performance Training. The goal is to provide the student with the physical fitness and confidence to overcome any situation on the tennis court. Our classes consist up to 6 players per court. Group training is essential to this program as not only does it cultivate collaboration, but it naturally challenges the players, entices them push harder and it creates a more enjoyable working situation. Players will be pushed to their max physical abilities via drills and strength training, but a group setting will also allow for a little fun to be added to the lessons through live ball play or games that reinforce learned course skills.


The program works in collaboration with the players’ current coaches. Although proper stroke technique and strategic court situations will be taught, the focus of this program is to:

- Maximize agility, endurance, speed and strength on the court.

- Advance players’ levels with goal setting, evaluation and assessment through periodic communication.

- Enable players to dominate tennis movement with the use of plyometric and weighted exercises.

- Empower players to excel their tennis game with practice assignments, development plans and personal coaching.


Program Fees

Click here to learn about the fees, the hours of training available and what is included in the cost for this program.



Performance Tennis


Performance Training For Tennis

The game of tennis involves a variety of physical skills, mental quickness and stamina. Every person is born with the same ability to learn a sport. The skills needed to play tennis well are not inherent but learned behaviors like hand-eye coordination, reaction time, speed, strength, balance, flexibility and agility. The key difference between a recreational player and a competitive player is observed by the players’ ability to react quickly to any situation on the court. They not only need to be fit enough to endure long matches, but always be quick to sprint at full speed, they need to have explosive movements and be ready to perform and react to quick changes of direction. If a player is not physically fit, powerful or able to move their bodies quickly and balanced, they will not be able to compete at a higher level.

Performance Training will be comprised of the following components;

Resistance training:

Multiple-joint exercises / Multi-planar exercises / Free Weights / Body Weight exercises / Elastic tubing / TRX / Plyometric Exercises / Improving Tennis Specific Muscular Endurance

Movement for Tennis:                                                          

Reaction time / Acceleration / Recovery Movements / Deceleration / Flexibility for Tennis / Active Stretching / Passive Stretching / Static Stretching / Ballistic Stretching / Dynamic Stretching / Dynamic Range of Motion / Tennis Specific Endurance / Proper work-rest ratios

Nutrition for Tennis:

Proper ratio of Carbohydrates / Protein / Fats / Rehydration / Cramping

Testing and Assessments:

Testing to measure progress / Goal Setting / Reporting

Injury Prevention




Lesson Fees


This program is designed with the format of cumulative training being the most beneficial and therefore, a 3 month commitment of three training days a week is the coach’s recommendation. These players will have the opportunity to learn and improve their performance tennis skills in a successive setting, building athleticism with the optimal balance of training and recovery time.

Attending three times a week with either 1 month or 3 month commitments, include discounted program rates and an optional drop in class. The 3 month commitment players also receive additional great perks; personalized periodization strategy and local match or stroke evaluation. These package holders are also given a priority notice for any additional performance tennis clinics offered as space is limited.



Training two days a week with a flexible drop in class, is also a great option and is definitely an excellent way to commit and succeed in accelerating your tennis fitness. These players will gain all the benefits of building their fitness level and understanding of performance tennis skills. They will have the freedom to attend an optional drop in class, while still enjoying the benefit of discount rates. Players ready to train two times a week are able to choose 1 month and 3 month commitments. The 3 month commitment players also receive additional great perks; personalized periodization strategy and local match or stroke evaluation. These package holders are also given a priority notice for any additional performance tennis clinics offered as space is limited.


For players who are ready to improve their fitness for tennis, but would like to participate once a week, the group drop in class may be a perfect fit! Space is limited, so advance sign up is recommended.




1st Session begins May 1st

2nd  Session begins May 15th

3rd Session begins June 1st

Monday-Wednesday *Program Attendees Only

4:00-5:00 pm

Tuesday-Thursday *Program Attendees Only


Friday *Drop In Welcome

4:00-5:00 pm

Saturday *Drop In Welcome






Commitment Period

Service Type

Monthly Commitment

2 x week

$17 per hour

$25 per hour

$16 per hour

$20 per hour

Monthly Commitment

3 x week

3 Month Commitment

2 x week

3 Month Commitment

3 x week

No Commitment

$15 per hour

$20 per hour

$30 per hour

Hourly Rate

Drop In Rate

$18 per hour

$25 per hour

Total Price




3 Month Commitment Bonus:   

⁃ Periodization; personalized long term training/tournament strategy    

⁃ Evaluation; local match or stroke evaluation*       

*First time sign up only    





No Commitment Drop In:



Monthly Commitment:

2x week $144 ($18/hour)

3x week $204 ($17/hour)

Drop In $25

3 Month Commitment:

2x week $384 ($16/hour)

3x week $540 ($15/hour)

Drop In $20

About your pro


Coach Cuneyt (pronounced Junate) Ertezuk combined his extensive experience and training for both tennis and fitness for over 35 years to create a very effective tennis specific athletic program. He started playing tennis at the age of 10 in Istanbul, Turkey. He quickly became a competitive player on the juniors circuit and had the opportunity to receive instruction from both local pros and attending foreign intensive training programs. As a junor, he spent many hours studying video footage of all of the tennis greats - trying to replicate the most minute details of their strokes. He quickly realized that strength was fundamental for tennis and began to incorporate weight lifting into his training routine. Since then he has trained continuously with world’s top weight lifters, fitness trainers and CrossFit instructors and his fascination with the mechanics of movement has never faltered throughout his adult tennis career.

While being a USTA player and a member of many other local leagues, Coach Cuneyt's has become a  PTR certified instructor. The Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) is a world-wide recognized certification program which was established in 1976 with the goal to standardize instructional tennis language and progressions of levels, while providing unparalleled teaching materials and instruction methods. Coach Cuneyt Continues to flourish in the PTR world as he recently attended The 2019 PTR International Tennis Symposium where he had the opportunity to study from many of the tennis world’s most influential people.


Coach Cuneyt is also ITPA instructor as a Tennis Performance Trainer and as a Gold Level Certified Tennis Performance Specialist. ITPA (International Tennis Performance Association) combines evidence based research with practical application to maximize tennis specified movements. It is the world's leading provider of tennis specific training research and its leadership is formed by renowned experts making it a well sought after program for athletic trainers, physical therapists, medical doctors, chiropractors and others working with tennis players.


Coach Cuneyt currently teaches tennis to children, competitive juniors and adults in Charlotte, NC. He offers the Athletic Junior Program exclusively at the prestigious Blakeney Racquet and Swim Club where members and non members alike may participate. Coach Cuneyt also enjoys teaching within Mexico & the Caribbean at various tennis facilities offering weeklong instruction.





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